CEPCO’s Mission

The primary goal of CEPCO is to create new jobs and new wealth for the Chico Community by aiding in the retention and expansion of existing businesses, providing local residents employment, and attracting new businesses to the area.

We believe that economic development is one of our most important community services, and a crucial function that provides the kind of boost that keeps our economy strong and allows us to maintain a high quality of life.

CEPCO works with other visionary business and community leaders, including the City of Chico, Greater Chico Chamber of Commerce, Butte Community College, CSU, Chico, Tri-County Economic Development Corporation, and Butte County Economic Development Corporation, to accomplish these goals.

CEPCO’s principal governing body is our Board of Directors (see below).  Download recent Board of Directors agenda packets to keep track of CEPCO’s major initiatives and community interaction as we bring economic development issues in our community to the forefront of public awareness.

Recent Board of Directors minutes & agendas: January 2011March 2011 – August 2011


Phone: (530) 892-1707

Email: jon@innovate-northstate.com

Mailing: 555 Main St  Suite 200

Physical: 555 Main St Suite 200

Chico, California 95928

Board of Directors

Steve Gonsalves

Steve Gonsalves

Nichols Melburg & Rossetto

e: gonsalves@nmrdesign.com

p: 891-1710

Dick Stein

Dick Stein

HJ Promotional Products

e: radiochico@aol.com

p: 570-5000

Dr. Susan Green

Dr. Susan Green

California Faculty Association

e: sgreen@csuchico.edu


Georgie Bellin

Georgie Bellin

The Group Real Estate Co.

e: Skycreekranch1@yahoo.com

p: 343-3733

Jill Ortega

Jill Ortega


e: jortega@recology.com

p: 533-4783

Katy Thoma

Katy Thoma


e: katy.thoma@rabobank.com

p: 891-3494 x 3401

Ken Lange

Ken Lange

Rio Lindo Dental

e: klange@thegrid.net

p: 345-5111

Mark Hendry

Mark Hendry

Creative Composition

e: mark@creativecomp.com

p: 800-427-1955

Mike Ward

Dr. Mike Ward

College of Engineering, Computer Science

e: mward@csuchico.edu

p: 898-5963

Ryan Cheung

Matson & Isom

e: rcheung@matson-isom.com

p: 891-6474

Ray Block

Ray Block

Wells Fargo Bank

e: raymond.m.block@wellsfargo.com

p: 879-3207

Tim Tittle

Tim Tittle

Tittle & Company, CPA’s

e: ttittle@tittleandco.com

p: 898-8647

Jolene Francis

Jolene Francis – Ex Officio

City Chamber of Commerce

e: jolene@chicochamber.com

p: 891-5559 x 303

Frank Marinello

Frank Marinello

Marinello Real Estate Co.

e: frank@marinellorec.com

p: 343-0963

Courtney Nelson

Bidwell Insurance

e: courtney@bidwellinsurance.com

p: 894-1096

Carolyn Carver

US Bank

e: carolyn.carver@usbank.com

p: 896-8383

Richard Hubbard

Dr. Richard P. Hubbard

Growth Systems, Inc.

e: rick.hubbard.email@gmail.com

p: 415-624-5865

Fred Davis

Fred Davis

Fred Davis & Associates

e: fd6724@sbcglobal.net

p: 342-7539

Jenny Murgia

Jenny Murgia

Tri Counties Bank

e: jennyodonnell@tcbk.com

p: 895-7509

Jim Stevens

Jim Stevens

North Star Engineering

e: jstevens@northstareng.com

p: 893-1600

Keith Schuler

Keith Schuler

Interwest Insurance

e: kschuler@iwins.com

p: 895-1010

Valerie Lee

Five Star Bank

e: vlee@fivestarbank.com

p: 722-1564

Mike Wiltermood

Mike Wiltermood

Enloe Medical Center

e: mike.wiltermood@enloe.org

p: 332-7805

Jim Walker

Jim Walker – Ex Officio

Chico City Council

e: jimwalkerbppc@aol.com

p: 588-5286

Bob Linscheid

Bob Linscheid – Ex Officio


e: bob@wemanage.org

p: 895-1202


The Chico Economic Planning Corporation (CEPCO) was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation on July 30th, 1985. As stated in the original articles of incorporation, CEPCO sought to “provide for a substantial improvement in the economic wellbeing of the Greater Chico Area or Butte County… to provide area residents employment through added commerce and industry; to assist existing local business and to encourage their retention and local expansion; to provide a vehicle which will enable the planned organized growth of the Greater Chico Area of Butte County… to provide greater employment opportunities to those who may become displaced by enforced layoffs of business closures; to bring into the area selected new and diversified commerce and industry, including small business concerns, and to reduce unemployment.”

From its inception, CEPCO has maintained a non-partisan identity. The original articles of incorporation put it very clearly: “the corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.” CEPCO’s mission to enhance economic opportunities and quality of life in Chico is not bound by partisan politics. We are proud to maintain this tradition today.

Our original two-fold Statement of Purpose rings true even almost 30 years later:

  1. To retain existing employment in the Greater Chico Area; and
  2. Through direct marketing, to create diversified, stable new employment in the Greater Chico Area, which is compatible with the community’s unique quality of life.

While today’s market requires focusing our efforts in areas scarcely developed back in 1985 such as technology and innovation, the core values and goals remain the same. CEPCO will continue striving to improve the job market in our area to enhance the quality of life those in Chico have come to know and love.

CEPCO Founding Members List – 1985

These are the people and organizations who originally dedicated themselves to enhancing the economic climate of Chico for job creation and retention.  Their legacy lives on in today’s initiatives and goals.  The names have changed, but the commitment remains.  Thank you to our founders!

  • Doug Guillon (President): Ingram Realty (Guillon Brouhard Real Estate)
  • Howard Isom (Vice President): Matson & Isom
  • Carolyn J. Johnson (Secretary): Spectra Marketing
  • Donald R. Wallich (CFO): Bank of America
  • Michael Orr: Sacramento Savings & Loan
  • Howard Collins: Chico Chamber of Commerce
  • Joy Kimball: Anderson & Associates
  • Craig Alger: Acme Personnel
  • Robert Fortino: The Safor Corporation
  • Dave Jeffries: Drake Holmes
  • Bruce Norlie: Norfield Industries
  • Richard S. Matson: Marshall, Burghardt & Matson
  • Douglas Parker: Community Hospital
  • Syl Lucera: Collier Hardware
  • Bob Foster: Duke’s Cork and Bottle
  • Georige Bellin: Fran Shelton & Associates
  • Scott Chalmers: RSC Associates
  • Duane Abbott: Lindo, Hanna & Abbott (Interwest Insurance Services)
  • Robin Wilson, President: CSU Chico
  • Jim Sweeney: N.T. Enloe Hospital (now Enloe Medical Center)
  • Frank Mertz: KPAY Radio
  • Judy Katz: Italian Cottage
  • Ed Anderson: Rolls, Anderson and Rolls

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